We provide a diversity of services and strive to be the best in customer service, knowledge, teamwork, and communication.We warrant our work, and support behind every decision we reach.

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We realize the value of time in business, and we appreciate yours. Whether your needs are proactive or you experience an unexpected issue, we are available to help you. We genuinely think that people are the key to job success. Whatever the size of your organization, your people are your greatest asset

WHY JVRC IT Services Pvt. Ltd.?

​​Recruitment process – JVRC undertakes a rigorous recruitment process, including face to face CV and competency based interviews, to insure that candidates are a secure technical and cultural fit.
Service choice – JVRC will advise on the appropriate recruitment strategy for your vacuum.
Value for money – recruitment options to fit your budget. Fees are payable only upon successful placement of a prospect.
Responsiveness – dedicated client contacts ensure that project briefs are clearly understood and appropriate plans are immediately put in place. 
Flexibility – assignments can be on a contract, permanent recruitment basis.
Well Managed Candidates – We offer professional advice and a personal approach. We talk to all our candidates individually and get the job that is right for the individual, not only the person that is right for the task.We fully brief and train our candidates and are there for them every step of the path: from initial interview, until they are ensconced in their new job. Above all we understand and value the wishes of all parties.
Customer Focus – We listen. We know every search is unique. 
Wherever possible, we meet with our customers and candidates face to face and establish relationships with them as people.Would you recruit somebody you have never seen?Good, we won’t either.
Proactive Approach – We don’t just wait for talent to come on us.
Finding the right people takes time and we are continually building networks to insure we’re forever one step onward

How we operate

We're always here for you

We endeavor to be the best

We’ll always travel the extra knot to ensure the correct caliber of people to suit your system.
What’s more, we’ll take in the whole recruitment process simple and trouble free.
Getting the right people, with the proper skills, who fit your necessities and your culture, is one of the most important jobs there are.
That’s where JVRC can help. 
JVRC is fully concentrated on supplying our customers with outstanding service and exceptional candidate delivery, from day one it has been at the heart of our concern.
We are capable to provide a compromising approach to each appointment:
Develop a recruitment strategy tailored to your specific demands.
We will conduct a full, initial briefing session with you face to face – or via Skype if that is not possible- to make as great an understanding of your requirements as possible.
Identify, contact and pre- prime candidates for an initial, detailed interview.
Provide a little list of the most worthy individuals.