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Services we offer

Permanent Vacancies
We are able to source the right candidates quickly for any of your Permanent staffing needs.
Contract/Self-Employed Vacancies
JVRC extends to reduce staffing needs too, due to the nature and speed of contract appointments, we are able to help provide high caliber freelance staff to handle your urgent demands.
No vacancy is too little or excessively large. With our knowledgeable, skilled, qualified and experienced staff, we are able to assist you find entry-level candidates or the most senior.With our abundance of industry experience, we know how to manage each requirement, to the highest consultative standard.
If the end target is to reduce cycle times and lower hiring costs, the Contract to Hire option is one for you. We offer the value added by identifying, screening and offering you with the suitable resource who not just delivers the goods for the required skill, but also becomes integral part of the organization deployed after some time.
Staffing Levels
Contract to Hire